Wednesday, November 7, 2007

13 Horses Saved and 2 Adopted

The 13 feedlot horses are now safe! We have raised the $5,895 to save their lives and now we must raise $1,500 for transporting them to the various rescue and other fees.
Birdy and Artex were adopted today. They will be very spoiled by two sweet kids. Birdy and Artex really like their new family.

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sean said...

Just a note,

Birdy & Artex, survived the long trip back to Susanville, from the rescue and are enjoying their new home. It was after 12am before we got them settled an us into, me and the kids played hookey today. I don't know how many times the horses were groomed, countless. We took them for about a 2 mile walk, along with our other horse, America. Then the kids brushed all of them as they ate grass on the front lawn.
All 3 horses seem to be getting along nicely. We watched them enteract through the corral fences for most of the day and didn't see any problems. So, we opened the gate......and it was like long lost family re-united. Although..Birdy, RUNS THE SHOW, like any good woman would. They get along wonderfully.
The kids will have their saddles next week, so expect pics to be posted.
Thanks, Jason & Tawnee, for making memories for the children and myself.

Oh, and now, the the oldest daughter, who didn't make the trek, wants to adopt ALL your ponies. We'll be in touch....maybe 3.