Friday, May 30, 2008

Today was a pretty slow day, Tawnee had dental surgery at 7:00 am so we were all up and going extra early today. The surgery was a success, but Tawnee was unable to work today.

Campeon got his new forever home today! It was really love at first site, for both Campeon and his adopters. He jumped right in their trailer and was so happy to head to his forever home! He did whinny "Goodbye" to the horses a lot, he's been here awhile and knows everyone, but he really is a sweet boy and will get all the love and attention he deserves.

We got new pictures of Shya today! She is doing quite well and her adopter really loves her dearly. It is so nice that people are willing to give rescued horses a chance to prove that yes, they are just as good or better than "premium" horses. Being a rescue means that people were bad to the equine, not that the equine was bad.

Enjoy your weekend and keep an eye out for the exciting news that will be happening Sunday!

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