Thursday, January 22, 2009


We have two updates for your reading pleasure today. The first is from Cooper's family: "We love him to death and he is a forever part of our family! Cooper is doing really well in his new surroundings. He settled in beautifully, and he enjoys every bit of attention and all the peppermint treats he can get. He enjoys getting turned out to play, and getting lots of grooming and kisses..." The second update is from Pharaoh's family: "We just love our boy, Pharaoh! Pharaoh is a very good, very sweet, mighty fine and dandy boy. Thanks for saving his beautiful soul. He is a part of our family now & forever." They sent a wonderful video with Pharaoh trotting around. Pharaoh was in the 2nd group of horses we ever rescued from the Fallon feedlot. We have two e-news from our rescue of Pharaoh and the others at the feedlot that time. Click Here for the first e-news and Click Here for the second e-news. It's amazing that we spent $5,000 to rescue 7 horses. We're sure the horses are very thankful to be alive, since then we have started focusing on auctions where we can rescue 15-20 horses from the same fate with $5,000, and have a wee bit left over for their care. We are so glad that we were able to rescue Pharaoh and the others that were rescued from the feedlot! You can watch the video of Pharaoh below.

This morning Ron came over with the two horses he picked up yesterday. They were peaking out the window, excited to meet all their new friends.

Jason had his own style going on today. He announced that he was going to be do office work in his home office today, and that he would not need to dress up for the rain. So, sure enough, he was standing outside in the rain wearing shorts working. Jason reports that 100% of the receipts have been mailed / emailed, if you do not have yours by next Tuesday email us ASAP.

Ron unloaded the horses and got them tucked safely into their pen.

As you can tell, it was a nice wet day today. Rain was falling, puddles were forming throughout the day, but we sure are enjoying it. Since it was such a drizzly day Tawnee got some office organizing done. Tawnee needed some shelves made in the office, so she had Ron set another filing cabinet up on a table, cut some boards, and the office started taking shape...

While in the office we noticed a cute little bird sitting on a truck mirror. He seemed to be taking a shower in the drizzle. Tawnee got up close to him and snapped a cute picture.

Tawnee had another face to face interview, this time with Chico News and Review. The interview lasted a bit over 2 hours, but it went really well and we are looking forward to reading the article. First Tawnee showed her around, she got to meet all the horses and then they went to the office to start the interview. It had been so quiet in the office this morning, the phone hardly rang, but as soon as they sat down for the interview, of course the phone started ringing off the hook. So, they retreated to the tack room and let Claire talk away on the phone.

Finally the interview was over and the reporter headed back to start writing. From the sounds of it, it will be a really neat article. She is going over to the BLM in Susanville to get their side of it, regarding adoptions of the Mustangs, so all in all we just can't wait to read the article.
Speaking about magazines, we hear that we are in Equus, but we haven't had a chance to see it yet.
Tawnee went back into the office after the interview to continue organizing the office. She stepped back to take a picture of her work, it looked so neat and tidy...

...but then she stepped back too far and sure enough, there is still a lot of cleaning that has to be done. There's always tomorrow.

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Shanna said...

Not sure if anyone else posted already but NorCal was also in the February issue of Horse and Rider! There was a short blurb on the euth clinic. Keep up the fantastic work!

Anonymous said...

Jason, bundle up! You are going to get sick. Take care of yourselves out there.

Mary Carlson, DVM said...

Thank you for the work you are doing. I posted on my blog, about your piece in Equus for February.
Mary Carlson, DVM