Thursday, December 24, 2009


We would like to thank the many of you that sent Christmas cards, donations and gifts. There is one special gift that will forever remain a treasure at the rescue. A family adopted Tonka, Brighty, Dolly and Cruiser. For Christmas they sent us the most beautiful picture book of the lovely horses they adopted from us. This is truly a beautiful gift, thank you so much! We have scanned the pictures for your enjoyment, and typed in their captions. The next scheduled blog is on Sunday, have a very Merry Christmas!
The day Tonka, Brighty, Dolly and Cruiser arrived
Excuse me, where am I?

Brighty, Tonka & Kathryn

This is actually our first attempt at our Christmas card picture....


Lucas & Cruiser


I can fly!!

Pretty Dolly...

Abby & Heidi

Tonka in the trees


Brighty & Cruiser playing




First day in the snow

Brighty & Heidi..... they are inseparable!

Sweet Tonka.... who we love!!!!

Thank you Tawnee & Jason. We can't imagine life with out our new horse family. They are well loved in their forever home!

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