Friday, October 1, 2010


It's October and it's official: NorCal Equine Rescue is now Horse Plus Humane Society. We have been excitedly waiting this day ever since we knew the change would take place. Today it's official!

Many of you may have grown fond of the old website, but now it's redirects to the new website automatically. Although will take you to the new website, the base url is: Please make a note of this!

We know many of you may have questions. Why the change? Has NorCal become part of the Humane Society of the United States or affiliated with other humane societies? Who is running it now?

Rest assured, Jason and Tawnee Preisner, founders of NorCal Equine Rescue way back in 2004, are the driving force behind the change, and are still responsible for the day to day management of rescues and operations and oversee shelter operations. The day to day shelter operation are managed by Larry and April who are doing an A+ job. Jason and Tawnee will still be doing most of the hands on rescue work, and are working hard on becoming California Humane Officers to better serve animals in need. Jason and Tawnee are going nowhere! The focus and mission of H+ Humane Society remains the same as that of NorCal Equine Rescue.

The new blog site is: Check it out, we think you will like the layout and look! The entire blog has been imported into the new blog, so you can read the archives to your hearts content. This blog post will be up for a week as an introduction to the new Humane Society, after that the blog will be written once a day again.

The new Facebook page, of which almost 550 people like it already, is: Please visit the Facebook page for updates during the first week of the launch. The Facebook stream can also be seen on the homepage of the website.

The shelter challenge hasn't change, we still need your votes every day! We are moving up the ranks, can't wait to be #1! Click here every day to vote. The name is still NorCal Equine Rescue, so please enter that to vote for us until further notice.

Welcome to the new Horse Plus Humane Society!

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