Sunday, February 8, 2009

All we can say is one simply word: wow! You all really pulled together and in the end, all the needed funds were raised for the February Auction fund, and we've already got a jump on March's! Many thanks to each of you that donated what you could, and a special thanks to the anonymous donor who matched each donation. THANK YOU! Read on to see how the days rescue went.

The euthanasia clinic also has a matching donation program going on. Each dollar that is donated to the clinic will be matched, making a $5 donation turn into $10. Please help out however you can!
Early this morning Jason hooked the truck and trailer up and Tawnee headed out to the auction. Tawnee woke up feeling sick, and was tempted to take the day off and send someone else to the auction, but she decided to trudge through the day and take tomorrow off instead.

Deb came out today and worked with the horses. She wanted to go to the auction, but as we were short staffed this morning and people were lined up to visit, so she agreed to stay behind and show horses instead.
As you all know, there was a horse mix up at Turlock. We asked a couple blogs ago if there was anyone that would be willing to transport him. We would like to thank everyone for your extremely generous offers, most of the offers where to transport him halfway. Diane offered to pick him up at the auction and transport him to the rescue. Thank you so much Diane! But, the story gets better, it seems that this pretty horse was not only tugging on her trailer, he was also tugging on her heart strings, and she wants to adopt him. She has filled out the application and should be approved soon. There never seems to be an end of the creative ways horses use to find their forever homes.

Red Eye was adopted to a very loving home and should be transported to his forever home this week. Thank you so much for your generous donation upon adoption, it will certainly help feed the other rescued horses.

This person has a long history with Norcal. Many of you may remember reading about Ranger and Sweetie. Well, the young lady below is the daughter of Ranger and Sweetie's first foster home. She recently lost her beloved horse in a tragic accident, and she is looking for another. She visited the rescue today, fell in absolute love with Dib, and placed an adoption hold on him. Way to go!
Meanwhile Tawnee was on her way to the auction.

When she arrived she saw the normal parking lot full of horse trailers. Tawnee always feel a heartache when she sees big trailers with out of state plates, from far off places like Texas and Oklahoma. We are pleased to report that some of the local KB's did not attend the auction for the second month is a row. There's still far too many big trailers with out of state plates that try to load up on what's cheap.

That auction had 37 horses that were sold this month.

While the auction was going, Tawnee was greeted by one of the ladies she has seen at the auction before. She gave Tawnee a $400 check towards rescuing two of the horses, in memory of two special pets: Angelito and William, who recently passed away. Thank you so much for your generosity!
After the auction Tawnee and volunteers Becky, Amber, Brianna, and Kim, headed out to meet the new rescued equines. We rescued 11 total. One of our previous adopters was there and rescued another horse for herself. Then, one of approved adopters, who wanted to adopt Fire, bought a horse there as well. So, in all, that's 13 horses saved out of 37 thanks to NorCal Equine Rescue and our friends.

They grabbed halters, sorted the horses and got ready to load. Please enjoy the following pictures.

This mare is blind in one eye, and it may look disturbing, but we are happy to see that this horse's eye was removed and sewed shut. So many times we see horses with untreated injuries, at one point in this horse's life she had an owner willing to spend money to get her comfortable.

We rescued 3 donkeys today at the auction. This is the skinniest donkey we have ever had in the rescue. She simply has no fat anywhere. Poor poor girl. Every place you touch her you just feel hard bone. She is missing hair in multiple places over her body. She looks as if she may be pregnant on top of it all.

This is the above donkey's yearling baby, who is still nursing on her.

Another young donkey that came with the pack.

Two drafts, mother and son. A little mini. Pastor Larry has been looking for a mini for sometime to be used for his ministry with kids. He should be on his way tomorrow...

After they were all sorted they started loading them.
All the big horses were loaded in the front of the trailer and the mini got to ride in the back stall all by himself.
Kim had met up with a person who was going to surrender a donkey to us today. She brought her trailer with the donkey to the auction to pick up the 3 other donkey's we rescued today and she brought all 4 up to the rescue. So, now we have 4 donkey's at the rescue! This poor donkey is extremely old, is very skinny, and pain medication is no longer helping. Our vet will be determining her quality of life.
Kim's trailer was backed up and soon the donkey's were on their way into the trailer.
When loading the poor skinny dark donkey, she simply collapsed from exhaustion. Kim and Tawnee had to literally lift her into the trailer. She took a little rest before standing again.

Finally everyone was loaded up and they were off!
Long after dark Tawnee and Kim came down the hill into the rescue.
The donkey's were all excited to be getting out of the trailer and getting some good food to eat and water to drink.
The mini got put safely into his stall for the night, and then the other horses were unloaded. Tawnee tried leading the horses out one by one, they pretty much just all decided they wanted to be unclipped and run out together into their pen.
They all got to work on their nice yummy supper.

Jason worked hard on a video today, and you can watch it by clicking here. It's a short video about the rescue at Cowtown last Sunday.
Two auction rescues in 8 days. We're all just about beat, but, we'll be hard at work again tomorrow, with the possible exception of Tawnee, who is still feeling under the weather.

Once again, THANK YOU! for your extremely generous support! The 22 equines we have rescued from auctions this month thank you too!

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